Since it’s been a few a random post

What was the last book you read, and did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

The last book I finished reading was “Skin Trade” by Laurell K Hamilton.  I’m just waiting for my shipment of the other 5 books to come in so I can get caught up on the rest of the series.  And yes…I love the books…totally & completely.  This is the 2nd time around for most of them…up to number 20 I think so it’ll be fun to read 21 & 22 for the first time.   True there’s occasionally a bit too much sex but if that’s the worst part of a book, then I’m good with it.  I have fallen in love with the characters over the time I’ve read the series & the plots are always good & I end up getting surprised by how things go more often than not.   And for me that’s a good thing.  The supernatural part of the books are just the icing on the cake for me tho I do thoroughly enjoy that part too.  Gives me a goal to aspire to in my writing tho I know I’ll never compare…at least I enjoy it as much. *chuckles*


A little late I know

Sorry it’s been a busy rl week for me.  But I made it thru another birthday & was actually much better than last years & than I expected so that was a good thing.  And I’ve decided to try something different.

Anyone who knows me very well knows that me & 2 of my oldest friends & my sister write very bad fanfiction LOL my term not anyone else’s.  I know it will never win any rewards but we enjoy doing it & isn’t that what it’s supposed to be all about?  Anyway…a few years back, i was in a long distance relationship & was inspired by a song 1 day to write a short story.  It’s a little naughty so if you don’t like semi-graphic naughtiness might want to pass it up but I thought that I’d post it anyway.  It has long survived the relationship & thought it would be something different to post.  Hope everyone enjoys it & thanks for the patience as always!

The Sweetest Sin

She was laying in her bed, waiting for her nightly call she got from him.  She hated that they were so far apart, but was able to hold on because even tho they were thousands of miles apart, she knew that every thought he had was about her.  They might not have the most conventional relationship, but she knew beyond a doubt he cared about her.  He made sure to tell her that as often as possible…as well as how much he desired her & wanted her.  She could hear it in his voice even if he was only telling her about his day…that aching & needing was heard plainly in his voice every single time they spoke.  And she knew that even tho they only had a few stolen moments together, it was worth all of it.

She had to take a few deep breaths when she heard the familiar ring of him calling her to calm herself down.  Even now, it made her giddy to know that she was only seconds away from hearing his voice.  As soon as she heard his hello, she felt a warm flush make its way throughout her body.  With just that 1 word, he made her want him so badly she could barely think.  She craved to feel his touch, to have his weight on top of her as they made love, to feel his warm breath on her body as he made her whimper & moan & beg as only he could.  But she managed to get control of herself, & of her voice so that they could talk for a while as they always did.  They talked about how each other’s day had gone, what they’d each had to eat for dinner so they could compare notes, but finally…things started to get more involved.  They described what they were wearing to each other, then he decided to take charge…for the moment.

“I wish I could be there right now.  The first thing that I’d do would be to take your head in my hands, lightly rubbing my thumbs against your cheeks as I leaned in to give you a sweet, gentle kiss.”

She couldn’t help but to moan out his name at that, because she could feel his lips on hers as surely as if he was sitting in front of her doing just that.  But she also knew that by the time they were done, she would be a writhing mess of want & need & would have to do what he couldn’t & tame the ache he created inside of her.

“After a few light nips of your lips, I’d part your lips with my tongue & leisurely explore the inside of your mouth with my tongue.  Loving the way I can feel your pulse picking up as I caress your tongue with mine.  Then as you’re just about to beg me, I’ll pull away a bit, giving you 1 more quick kiss before starting to kiss down from your mouth to your neck.  There, I’ll run my tongue along the pulse of your throat, loving the way I can feel your heartbeat with the tip of my tongue.”

She breathlessly says his name then & he can tell by the way her voice sounds strangled that she wants him as badly as he does her.  So he decides it’s time to end the game.  She’s so caught up in how he’s making her feel that she doesn’t realize that he is there, with her now.  She’s laying on her back on the bed of her hotel room by now, sprawled out on the bed with the phone laying beside her on speaker.  so he then leans over & kisses her exactly the way he said he would.  Her eyes fly open & he can’t help but to chuckle at the way her face lights up when she sees him.  They ended up hugging & kissing for a few moments, but finally he takes off his jacket & shoes, & lays down on the bed beside her.

He again kisses her as he’d described, & moves down to kiss her neck.  This time tho, he pushes the strap of her top down her arm, running his fingertips lightly along the skin of her arm as he does that.  She’s busy working on the buttons on his shirt, & manages to get it untucked & unbuttoned by the time he pushes her straps down as far as he can without her moving her arms to help him.  He props himself up enough to take off his shirt, then pulls down the top of her top so that he can see her breasts.  As soon as the cool air in the room hits them, the nipples harden & he can feel himself stirring in his pants.  The sight that lays before him is almost more than he can take, so he slides down a bit, then runs the tip of his tongue around the edge of her nipple before gently sucking the whole thing into his mouth.  She gasps & arches her back up, & starts to lightly run her nails along his shoulders.  She’s in complete bliss at this moment…to finally have him there to do what he’s described to her so many times is more than she ever could have asked for.

He concentrates on her breasts for quite a few mns, switching between the 2 of them & using his hand on the 1 his mouth isn’t pleasing.  He knows he’s driving her crazy but she’s driven him crazy for months…it’s his turn to make her squirm just a bit before finally giving it to what the both of them want.  He finally grabs the bottom hem of her top & helps her slip it over her head.  She pulls him up as he does that so she can kiss him, deeply & passionately…trying to make him see how badly she wants him.  He chuckles, but decides that 2 can play at that game & lets her take the lead for a bit…which she gladly does.

She mirrors on him what he did to her, making him squirm with as much need & wanting as he had her.  When he feels her warm, wet mouth on his nipple, he groans out her name & has to wiggle a bit to adjust himself considering how tight his pants are becoming.  He just hopes that she’s aching & throbbing as badly as he is because he plans on making sure that she’s completely satisfied in every single way by the end of the night.

And that is exactly what he does.  By the time he sinks himself deeply into her, they’ve explored every single inch of each other’s body…not even noticing any flaws in the excitement of finally being able to be with each other the way they’ve wanted to be for months.  And the fact that this will probably be the only time makes them want to savor every sensation that much more.  And when he’s sunk as deeply into her as he can get, he holds himself there & looks down into her face.  She somehow feels him looking at her so she opens her eyes & that look then is more telling than anything else.  They even manage to maintain eye contact as he starts moving in & out of her, at least until they get to the point of no return & both close their eyes to try & memorize every single detail they can…so they can later go back & recapture that exact moment exactly as it happened.

Hours later, as she’s laying with her head on his chest, the both of them listening to each other breathe, all she can think is that no matter what else, that night was more than she ever could’ve expected or hoped for.  He heard the contented sigh she made as she thought that, & couldn’t help but to smile & pull her a bit closer.  He was just glad that she was as happy at that moment as he was.  And with that thought…the 2 of them drifted off to a well deserved sleep…free of all thoughts of tomorrow.