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Just something I was thinking about

Last night, I was sitting here singing in a friend of mine’s ear on Skype & dancing with my cat, & decided I wanted or rather needed to post a quick blog.  Because I am now unowned for the first time since last December.  We’re still friends & that’s what matters to me.  And brave little me has gotten out there & made a few posts so maybe I’ll at least make some new friends if not get lucky & find more.  Not that I’m really looking but still.  I’m also not dumb enough to ignore it if something else does end up happening, either. *chuckles*  I am still gonna try to post here at least twice a week & if anyone has any ideas for topics feel free to send them my way! *laughs*  But I mainly just wanted it on record that I am not in a relationship any longer & that I do plan on keeping this blog going even with that happening.  Thanks to everyone for reading!


2 thoughts on “Just something I was thinking about

  1. Same here unowned – Yes, since November of 2012
    I have been searching for my soulmate for quite some time, and nothing…sometimes I feel like giving up, but I can’t, I know there is something wonderful waiting for me, and believe me…There is something and someone wonderful waiting for you.


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