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This week’s assignment a day early

What do you think are the top five qualities any Master should have?

This random topic comes at an opportune time for me as I’ve been thinking about things like this alot lately.  So let’s see how this goes.

Communication/Openness – you must be able to talk about anything & everything with your submissive…even if it’s an uncomfortable topic for 1 or both of you if you can’t share everything then there’s no point in trying to make a relationship as without communication & openness, it’s just another form of role play.  You have someone else’s life in your hands…if you can’t talk to them about anything & everything, & they don’t feel safe enough to do the same with you, then it’s not much of a relationship to begin with.

Self-control/Consistency – you have to remember that you are responsible for another person’s well being & being consistent & not allowing your emotions to lead you is the best way to do that.  Most submissiveness need & crave that structure…thrive on knowing what’s going to happen if they do or don’t complete a task or assignment as told.  Forgetting to praise them is as bad as not punishing them as it can cause pain & loss of respect if done frequently.  And if they can’t respect you, they can’t give themselves over to you fully & there again it just becomes shallow roleplaying.

Respectful – Never let them doubt that you value them for them…for what they are…& for what they give to you.  Humiliation is great at times for many submissives but only because they know how much you value them & how important they are to you.  you want them to respect you so do the same for them.

Compassionate/Patient – Everyone has off days so you need to have the patience & understanding to deal with those.  And to help your submissive grow & become the amazing person you know that they are underneath everything.  That takes both because for some people there’s so much fear that it seems for every step forward you take 2 steps back.  But if you’ll just be there beside them every step of the way, holding their hand even if only figuratively, you’ll both be blessed by the person who comes out the other side.

Loyalty – The strength of heart & character to stay true to what you promise & be there for the 1 who gives him or herself to you body heart soul & mind.  That is probably the most important thing as without loyalty…knowing that no matter what you’re there for them & will care for them & show them what they can really be…there’s no need for anything else as it would all just be hollow & game playing.

These in my opinion…mostly from my own experience & chats with others…are what I value most in the man I submit to.  If I am going to give him all of me, these qualities are the least of what I expect in return because if he can’t give me these…then the need to submit simply won’t be there.  When I give myself I give everything & i expect at least the same consideration back.  And the man who can do that…I will be eternally grateful to *smiles*



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