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A small apology

I know I’ve not been posting on here like I was but I’ve been in my own head alot…& on World of Warcraft an awful lot…as well as watching way too much Supernatural. *laughs*  But I’ve needed this time to think & get in my head & be sure of what I want & what I can do to get it.  I do want to thank my best friend for listening to me griping & groaning & whining & moaning & just letting me bitch so I can think out loud because that probably does more good than anything else.  And I want to thank my Master for his patience as I know I’ve evolved into much more than the woman he first met & *laughs* he’s just now realizing how full his hands are with me.  And lastly thank you for everyone who reads these…kisses to all of you!


One thought on “A small apology

  1. *huggies* and not even the diapers *grins innocently* after all…who gets to listen to me whine and bitch and moan about all the useless shallow hals in my life? *chuckles*


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