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Too accurate right now

How do you keep focused when you are having a hard day?

That’s actually a problem I’ve been having quite a bit over the last few weeks.  I’m on vacation from work over the summer so I’ve kind of been drifting more than I should.  I work best with a strict schedule laid out for me & either punishment or consequences for not following that & since I don’t even work on SL anymore…I have no punishments or consequences for not doing what I know I should.  So…it gets harder & harder to stay focused & do what I need to do…the motivation isn’t there at all & it’s all I can do most days to make myself do the bare minimum I can get away with. And it’s a self feeding cycle…the longer I go without a real strict day laid out the less I want to do anything which means my schedule gets floppier…you get the picture.  For a while it was enough to know I’d disappoint someone if I didn’t do what I was supposed to but I’ve been getting into my own head so much lately since I’ve had so much time alone & even that doesn’t work half the time anymore.  I feel adrift in my own life & honestly…I can’t keep focused which is why this was a good topic.  Maybe me just putting this down & out there while help give me a little focus & motivation…enough to get done what needs to be done each day to please myself & everyone else who is close to me.  Thanks as always for taking the time to read this & hugs to everyone as always!


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