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My random blog topic for today

What is your favorite ‘guilty pleasure’?

It’s food…of course…& has to be either jalapeno cheddar cheese dip with my popcorn…or peanut butter chocolate/fudge ice cream.  I can’t think of anything more guilty or pleasing to me right now.  Oh & raising kittycats on SecondLife if only cause they take so much rl money since I have way more of them than I should *laughs*.  Since I’m on a salt restricted diet & trying to lose weight as well both of the food items are something I can have only in very limited qualities but honestly…the ice c ream especially…would only be a once in a while thing because it is so rich to me I couldn’t handle it every time. Which is why alot of times it’s a reward to me for some goal I’ve set.  I can’t have it often so it makes me special…which in turn makes it feel like I’ve really accomplished something to be able to eat it.  I know that’s not the best idea on a diet but it has worked on more than 1 occasion to get me to my goal.  What else can I say tho…the simple things in life are what I love the best *smiles*.


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