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5th & final part of the assignment

Thank you so much for this everyone & now here’s the final part of the simple pleasures assignment *smiles*

13. that initial warmth you feel on your skin when you first go outside…before you realize it’s either hot or cold & the sun hits it & it’s just like pure warmth or light you can feel.  It’s my favorite thing about going outside becuase no matter what the weather…the first warm burst of sunshine on your skin is enough to make pretty much anyone feel better…either warm & safe or happy or peaceful or whatever it does for them personally.  I just know that there’s nothing better than that feeling…warms me up both inside & out.

14. laughing with arial till we sound like we’re dying or having great sex…And here we come to my last simple pleasure.  This is probably the longest lasting 1 as I can remember doing this when we were both teenagers which means it’s been many many years ago.  To be able to laugh so hard & so completely open with someone is a gift that alot of people never have.  When we get to this point we usually have tears rolling down our faces & it just takes 1 look & then we’re howling again. It comes from so many years of friendship that i’ve been blessed to have that all we need is that 1 look or to hear the other 1 giggle that in cases like this…1 of us ends up having to either close their eyes & plug up their ears, or else leave the room or we’ll never stop because it’s just so amazing to be able to laugh that easily again.  It’s something alot of people lose as they grow up & it’s a shame because there’s nothing that feels better & the calm & warmth inside after is the best.

Thank you very much for everyone who stuck around to read this whole list.  I am so honored to have you guys as part of my journey & thank you so much!


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