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4th part of the assignmentb

Sorry that this is late being posted but have been dealing with some issues & haven’t been able to get in a good headspace to do them till now so here’s my next 3 things that are my simplest pleasures or pure moments & my 5 or so minutes of writing about them.

10. the warmth from the other person’s body when i’m being held…not even during sex necessarily but it can be while watching a movie or TV, just sitting around talking, in bed either morning or bedtime before or after sleep…just the feel of their body in line with mine is enough to make me squee quite happily.  It makes me feel so warm & content & wanted & needed there’s just not much else in the world that I can think of that even begins to compare to that feeling.  And honestly I think it’s the nonsexual times when that warmth & feeling of them pressed against you that’s even more priceless & valuable than any time during sex…except maybe when someone has me on my hand & knees & their chest is basically laying right along my back…that is the other time when it’s absolutely awesome & amazing.

11. looking over at Arial to see the look on her face when we’re watching  a movie…that is 1 of my favorite things to do.  I love to look over here so I can try to gauge what she thinks of a specific scene or line of dialogue or something.  And it makes me even more happy when she reacts to whatever it is in a good way or surprised or whatever I was half expecting her to react like because it’s just great for me to think that she’s thinking that much like me.  I know her husband accuses us of sharing a brain but *laughs* dammit if I don’t love it when we have almost the same thought at the same things in a TV show & just about prove that comment right.  Makes me feel like i belong in a way that nothing else can.

12. killing something that has killed me before on WoW…now this is just about the ultimate awesome.  I kind of suck at wow…i’ll be the first to admit it but I try my hardest.  But since I just can’t seem to get it right…I do tend to be able to get killed probably alot easier than I should.  So when I finally can go back & annihilate something that basically bent me over a barrel & had its way with me earlier…yes…I am 1 of those players who jump up out of their seat, doing a happy dance while screaming not so nice happy dance songs at whatever I just came back & killed in revenge.  *laughs* I get way to into it I know but that feeling when I can dance on its body…that’s the most awesome part of WoW for me because it proves that even tho I may suck compared to most people…I do get better eventually & I will come back & rip you a new 1 if you kill me Mister Idiot NPC lol

And there’s my next 3 things.  The next post should be tomorrow or Sunday & it’ll be the last 2 things.  So hope you all are enjoying these & can’t wait to share the last 2 with all of you!


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