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Part 3 of the assignment

And here’s the next 3 things that are my simplest pleasures or pure moments & my 5 or so minutes of writing about them.

7. the feel of a man caressing my face then burying his hands in my hair…the caring & protectiveness & possession just can’t be beat there – the way it makes me feel & the way it physically feels…there aren’t many things in the world that can compare to it.  as i said…it’s the warmth of their skin against mine…that slight pressure that makes me feel like they’re almost marking me…it’s something I miss so badly at times yet there’s other times I can close my eyes & practically feel the touch of his hand…slight roughness of the hair on his knuckles as well as his few rough spots on his fingers from his working…the smell of him…it’s enough to make me ache & cry when I realize it’s not really there.  It’s a sad fact that something that can bring me such joy & pleasure is also the source of 1 of my biggest hurts.

8. watching my kid sleep – he’s just into his teenage years so right now it’s more priceless than ever to just watch him sleep.  the comfort the freedom the total relaxation at knowing everything’s safe & I’m there & nothing’s going to happen to him.  None of the tossing & turning & fretting that we as adults too his sleep is still mostly unspoiled by stress since he’s not lost much of his innocence about how the world works yet…for which I’m more glad than anyone can know.  For his life to have been like it has been up to this point…with me having to do it mostly myself since my friends & dad couldn’t help me 24/7…watching him when he’s good & asleep & dead to the world brings me a peace that I almost ever feel because I know that somehow…I may not be the best mom but I’m his & he knows it & is just fine with it.

9. hearing the ding of my cellphone or my email & checking it to find that someone has messaged me just because they wanted to talk to me…that is another thing I’m sure most people love but since this is my list hahahaha I’ll go on all I care for about it *grins*.  It makes me feel special & needed & wanted & i know that someone else is thinking about me as much as I sometimes think about them & that’s always 1 of the best feelings there is…to know they think about you just like you think about them.  Even if you’re not madly in love with whoever it is..just knowing they care is more than enough to make that little ding or short little clip from your favorite song mean so much more than it could & normally would mean.  So I want to thank everyone who has ever given me that moment of joy by texting me or kiking me or emailing me & letting me know they were thinking about me…it means more than I could ever possibly put into words. *smiles*

And there we go LOL I didn’t think I’d finish this tonight but by golly I did.  The next 1 will be posted probably Tuesday or Wednesday so the last will be on Friday or next Saturday.  Thank you everyone for reading these & liking them…it means alot to know some of you feel the same about some of my favorite things. *smiles*


2 thoughts on “Part 3 of the assignment

  1. my baby is 22 and I still have moments of watching her sleep and being amazed that she is my girl.
    And the hands in the hair!!!! God there is nothing as possessive as having his fingers wound into the back of my hair as he pulls my head back and grazes down my neck leaving his marks behind. I miss that and need it. It lets me know I am HIS.


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