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Part 2 of the assignment

Ok…here are the next 3 entries on my simple pleasures/pleasing moments.  Will post the next 3 in a few more days so hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

4. Being told I have done something well or did a good job or my effort’s appreciated – of course I’m like anyone there & like my effort to be recognized but I think for someone who is more submissive like I am it is special in a way it’s almost impossible to explain to someone who doesn’t feel that almost overwhelming urge to serve & please someone else.  To be told I’m a good girl because i’ve done a task right..yes it’s nice to be told it was ok or I did a good job but to be a good girl…that is like omg thank you times a thousand.  You feel warm & fuzzy & oh so proud because you know you’ve done what you try to do with every thing you do…please your Master/Dominant/Domme/Daddy whatever they are…& that’s something that can never get old or boring.  To have your time & effort acknowledged in just that manner by the very person you’re trying to please…oh yeah…that’s a whole new level of awesomeness let me tell you.  Proof that just a little positive reinforcement can go a long way & everyone…not just us in the D/s world…should remember.  Always let someone know how you feel…even if it’s only to say good job or congrats because you never know what little compliment is going to be the 1 that turns it all around for them.

5. Having my kid tell me something I tried cooking & failed at was still yummy even if it didn’t turn out right – Ok…anyone who has read this for a while knows I’m struggling with my weight & motivation to get up & do something about it.  My eating is starting to get out of hand again ie I’m getting lazy & starting to depend on too much canned & packaged crap again so the other night after my kid listening to me whine & bitch & grumble yet again about the 10 lbs I’ve gained this last month & hate…we decided to try a few new meals.  Now if you knew my child you’d know this was the equivalent of world peace being considered seriously.  But I think not only does he want to help me with the weight but he’s suffering from our boring menu same as me.  So we went thru found some stuff I could bastardize so he’d eat it & got the stuff to make it.  Well, the other night *laughs* I attempted stuffed shells & lets say…it sucked.  the shells were tough & tore apart & I only fixed half the box yet I ended up just using them as a layer & putting a whole thing’s worth of meat & cheese with them.  Needless to say that was the richest food I’ve eaten in a LONG time but he ate the whole bowl & when I told him next time I’d just use a box of macaroni noodles he said that would be good because it was good but was too rich but he did want it when it had more noodles in it.  So…lol he liked it even tho it made our bellies rumble with the lactose intolerance of it all so what more can I really ask for?  And tonight…a new dinner tonight so keep your fingers crossed everyone!

6. that drowsy half awake state after sex – 1 of my favorite times because for me, it’s just about the only time I’m able to fully relax & shut off my brain.  I work so hard at it that afterwards…all I want to do is snuggle up into the covers or with someone else & just enjoy the feeling of my body coming down…no thinking at all involved for quite a few minutes.  I get very few times like those when my thoughts are pretty much silent except for the most basic of them so it’s always enjoyable when I get that peace & quiet & contentment & feeling of a job well done.  I mean yeah the physical after effects are nice too don’t get my wrong but it’s the way it affects my brain & feelings that is the best part of it for me.  And it’s something I can enjoy alone or with someone else because coming down is the same no matter if it’s virtual sex or a hot sweaty bout that yanks the covers off the bed in real life…mine body responds the same & so does my mind for which I’m very lucky I know…& why I wanted to write in appreciation of it.

Anyway…there’s my next 3 so hope to see everyone here for the next batch on Saturday or Sunday!


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