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This week’s assignment

List 14 simple pleasures.  Every day for 2 weeks, write about 1 pleasure for 5 minutes.

Since this 1 is like it is…I’ll be splitting them into 3 & publishing every third day instead of every day for just a few minutes…except the last day which will have the final 2 topics.  That way it doesn’t overrun everything with short little blips but still gets the job done.  And it might turn into priceless things as well because for me…they’re pretty much 1 & the same.

1. Holding my cat & snuggling him…the feel of his fur on my face…feeling as well as hearing him purring, it is probably 1 of the best things there is in life.  He’s my baby & I know it & I adore him for it.  I love the way his fur feels & what it means for me  & dread the day that I lose it & him.  He’s been with me thru my mother’s death & my hellish marriage & all the way thru my son’s life…he’s been there for 18 yrs & even now just rubbing my cheek against his fur is enough to calm me down because that is as close to home as you can get with something instead of somewhere.  The softness, the kitty smell, the way it tickles me but soothes me at the same time…there’s nothing else that can compare to me snuggled up against my baby.

2.the smell of chicken when I’m boiling it for chicken & noodles – the way it fills the house…there’s so many memories & feelings associated with it…all good.  Especially since every week during the school week except in Feb & March that means Arial’s over for lunch & it’s CSI & Supernatural day…time to catch up on our TV.  True we end up on SL or WoW sometimes but most of the time is spent either just joking around as we look thru our email or else watching something else fun.  it’s the knowing that every time she’s here we have that…almost…the smell is comforting & means friendship & all those other things that come from being best friends for almost 24 years.

3. nuzzling my partner’s neck – there’s something amazing about that…the feel of their pulse when I press my lips to their neck, the way they smell, the warmth…their hair tickling my forehead or nose more often than not…it’s a kind of intimate you only get when you are open with someone & care about them because if it’s just about sex, they wouldn’t want it & you wouldn’t want to do it…to almost lose yourself in them…it’s a heady thing to happen.  And it can turn into so many things…or just stay as the cuddling that it is.  It can be romantic, comforting, flirty, flat out sexual…but no matter what of the many things it is I love to do it more than most anything else.

And there are my first 3 pleasures or simple moments/things I love.  I’ll post more on Wedmesday or Thursday.


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