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This week’s first assignment

My topic for this post is “discuss what you think of different types of bondage”

Well…since I’m not very well versed at all in the Bondage part of BDSM…usually favoring the other 3 letters more…I have had to do some research.

First I’ll cover rope bondage of the more decorative form, rather than for restraint as that’s in another part.  I think that it’s very interesting to look at & if I had someone in RL who was knowledgeable about it would be more than willing to try it.  Have tried it on SL but thanks to my avatar not having a “standard” shape, it never works out well tho it does ok on some of my alts.  And I do enjoy the artistry of it…tho I would be interested in experimenting with not only wearing the ropes, but in using the knots for stimulation.

Next, was cuffs & spreader bars & arm jackets & harnesses…basically cuffing parts of your body to other parts or being held in a forced position by spreaders so that you can’t move that way.  I’m on with having my hands tied together & even my feet, tho I will admit having my partner hold my hands together with his is more enjoyable than having any piece of material do it for him, but I’m not so much on spreaders.  Having my legs or arms held at an angle like that without being able to move cause the nonenjoyable kind of pain way too soon & easily for me to want to try it.

Blindfolds & hoods are the next on my list because even if they don’t restrain you physically, then take away 1 of your senses & cause you to feel bound since you don’t dare move when you can’t see.  That always heightens the senses tho for me, a hood is too much…seems like overkill to me  I definitely enjoy the sensory deprivation that comes from a blindfold tho…that’s something I will most readily admit to.  That’s actually why I’ve toyed with the eye of ponyplay in the past…if only because I am a bit fascinated by the idea of wearing blinders…if not all the other stuff that goes with it.

My next entry is gags, which I do not like for personal reasons but I can see why people would like them…as not being able to talk or call out would definitely make you feel more helpless & at someone’s mercy & isn’t that 1 of the things that bondage is about?  Tho I would be willing to try a cloth gag instead of a ball gag or O ring type gag.  I think if I could close my teeth together around it, I’d be able to physically handle it so I’d at least be able to try it.

Lastly, is restraining someone against another object..such as tying them to a bed or a St. Andrews Cross or a bench or chair or wall…well…you get the idea.  For me…if it isn’t too restraining…ie where I can still struggle a bit & can move so nothing gets sore or numb…I’d be willing to let me partner do it if it was what he wanted to do.  Me myself…I don’t mind it but I don’t find it super enjoyable either…unless it excites & pleases who I’m with & then I love it because pleasing them is what it’s all about.

And that’s all the ones I could think of…if I missed something please let me know since LOL as I said in the bondage part of things I’m nothing more than a novice.  Enjoy everyone!


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