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Assignment for the week

If you have difficulty asking for what you want, what are you telling yourself that makes asking difficult?

It’s not really what I’m telling myself, it’s what I’m afraid of hearing.  I’m afraid of either sounding stupid or blatantly stating what to everyone else is obvious but me in my clueless state, of being just flat out ignored, or of being left because I was so stupid or clueless, or sounded whiny & clingy…2 of my biggest worries.  That…is why I usually have to talk myself into saying something & convincing myself that I have a legitimate thing to say or ask.  Tho to be honest I’ve been doing better the last few weeks. I’ve done alot of reading & chatting with people & feel more secure in my actions so…not as many worries about what I say being taken wrong or ignored. So thank you to everyone for having patience with me when you know I have something to say but am trying to figure out how to say it…it means alot to me.


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