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This has been going thru my head

It sucks to have everything you could ever want sitting right there in front of you…just to have something come in & take it away from you.  Be it circumstances or life or whatever else it is…it sucks no matter what.  For some people it’s rl getting in the way of their internet love…for others it’s a lover coming back to claim what’s his after neglecting them for so long they thought it was over…& for still more people it’s them feeling neglected & waiting for some miracle & their partner never seeming to notice what it is they’re doing to them no matter how much time is invested.  It’s loss either way & something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

And it can happen in any type of relationship…friendship because yes…your soulmate doesn’t have to be romantic in nature…your partner…your lover…even in D/s relationships it can happen where a Dominant is so taken with a sub but never feels appreciated or in a sub whose Dominant is so involved in other aspects of his life that she feels almost like an afterthought.  1 of my good online friends just went thru something like this over the last few days & it’s made me think a lot about it & how much we’ve all had it happen & how I wish it could never happen to anyone again.


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