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Assignment for the week

By random this came up so…*laughs* here goes.

What is your biggest fear?

I actually have 2 I can’t choose between…because in a way they’re intertwined.  I have a fear of being alone…which in way causes me to have trouble losing weight, & I am very much scared & worried I won’t be able to lose weight.  And that depresses me & makes me more worried that I’m gonna die alone because of my health issues so then I get more emotional & have more trouble staying on any plan I come up with…*sighs* it just goes round & round & round.  So I have to figure out how to conquer 1, & learn to live with the other which honestly…for the most part…the fear of being alone is the lesser fear…& the fear of failing to lose weight the much bigger 1.  But when I get down & kind of hormonal, or am left with too much time alone & nothing to keep my mind in a good subbie place…then I start feeling left alone & abandoned & I just can’t deal with both of them at once.  So…my 2 biggest fears are…fear of abandonment…& fear I’m never going to be able to lose enough weight to feel healthy again…since even my doctor said I’m amazingly healthy for my age & weight.  There you guys have it *laughs*.  Oh & happy father’s day to everyone since 1 way or another it counts for you today. *smiles*


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