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Ok…need a little help here lol

This hasn’t much to do with submission but then again it does because I would love to be able to kneel properly & show my submissive side that way but as it is right now, that’s not physically possible.  So…I need to lose weight….tho that would just be the bonus because of lots of health reasons is the main reason why.  I have the diet part down but I cannot motivate myself to exercise.  So I need some help here.  I need some rewards or goals to work towards that will make me get up off my butt, ignore my throbbing knee, & do the damned belly dancing I love to do just hate having to actually get up & do it lol.  Movies don’t work, buying myself jewelry doesn’t work, obviously taking myself out for special dinner isn’t the best reward either, feeling better about myself doesn’t work, I wouldn’t do a spa day if my life depended on it…lol I’m at a loss here & was hoping that some of you would not only have some ideas but be willing to share them with me.  Thanks for all the feedback you’ve given me so far…it’s very appreciated & thanks for any help you can give me with this *smiles*


3 thoughts on “Ok…need a little help here lol

  1. for me it is the morning wake up call from my Master that is my incentive when I just don’t want to. I joined the gym for me and me alone. But his loving support has been amazing. that and his insistence that I ignore the scale and only use the tape measure. Our bodies change long before the scale moves. Find a trusted friend to buddy up with. Even if it is just a phone call. Someone to be accountable to. And just do it. And hang in there darling. Most of us are not Barbie girls and if our masters wanted one they never would of picked us. Thank God some men like meat.


  2. Most men like a little meat. That way when they spank you they’re not afraid of breaking you. Think happy thoughts.


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