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Assignment time again!

Here is last week’s assignment – How do you react when your Owner withholds pleasure (denial as part of training or their enjoyment) from you?

Well, that 1 is an easy thing to answer for me because I don’t think in the whole time I’ve been collared has had ever denied me.  He has had me hold back on an orgasm for a few seconds but that is the closest we’ve ever gotten & I can’t really call a few seconds withholding.  Not that I’m bragging or complaining…that’s just the way it’s been.  He’s always encouraged me to let loose as much as I can so I always figured that’s why withholding &/or denial never came into the picture.   I know others do it but…just never entered into our dynamic.   Tho I wouldn’t have an issue with it if he did because he is the Master & i’m not so…what he says goes no matter what.  He will never give me or do more to me than I can handle so…if he thinks it’s something that needs to be done I’m going to do it.


3 thoughts on “Assignment time again!

  1. denial for me is only good when it comes with the teasing. i love the torment of being pushed to great need and then being sent to bed wet and wanton. My dreams filled with erotic mayhem. It only makes it so much better when he finally lets me come when i beg him with tears in my eyes. Those are some intense orgasms.


    • *chuckles* mine teases me as well…at times till I’m so worn out I beg him to stop. He knows exactly what will get the most reaction out of me & takes alot of joy in making sure he gets those wanton reactions he loves.


  2. As a Dom. I love to see my sub.cum. As I’m sure all Dom. do. The harder she cums the hotter it is. If I deny her orgasm for a long period of time and make her beg for it, it gives her the most intense mind blowing, squirting orgasms she can have. She LOVES it!


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