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I deserve it

I just took my kid with me to see the new Star Trek movie, & while sitting there looking at him as the credits were starting to roll, I remembered going to see the original Star Trek 2 with my mom, & us both crying over the end, & i think it triggered something in my head.  I deserve to be able to come home, & tell someone about how much I miss my mom & who wants to know how the movie went & whether my kid enjoyed himself or not.  Someone who just wants to hold me or cuddle me…someone who calls me on skype or the phone just to hear my voice even if it’s only to tell me hello & goodbye…someone who texts me because they’re thinking of me.  I deserve someone who loves me at least half as much as I do him.  I need it, I want it, & i deserve it most importantly of all.  Scary I know to think all of that came from sitting at a movie watching my kid’s face as I thought about my mom but…*shrugs & laughs* blame Karl Urban for being too awesome or Chris Pine for sucking you into his portrayal of Kirk or even Zachary Quinto since with this 1 he finally stood on his own as Spock.  Whatever it was about Star Trek…it’s the truth because I do deserve it & I am going to get it…1 way…or another.


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