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Last Week’s 2nd assignment a bit late *chuckles*

Got an extension for the holiday yays  But now for this.  This blog’s random topic is..

Are there any names that would be considered inappropriate in polite society that really drive you mad with lust when you hear your partner call you them?

I can think of quite a few of them & considering my family & my friends, it’s not that much of a surprise.  They may not be proper in polite society but I’d have no issues at all him calling me them in front of my friends.  In fact 1 of his favorites for me, wanton, which btw warms me nice & good all over *laughs*, is 1 i have made into a group tag for myself so I can proudly wear it wherever I want.  I’ll admit fucktoy isn’t my favorite but when we’re deep in a scene, it has it’s merits.  And slut *chuckles* good old slut.  Well…that 1 doesn’t bother me because guess what…i am his slut…the same as I’m his wanton.  So if he wants to call me that, I’m more than happy about it.  As long as he doesn’t say it in front of my SL boss or my rl family we’re good because they’re not quite ready to handle it.  And to be honest, it gives me a charge for him to refer to me that way in public (works just like a light switch & turns me instantly on)…especially wanton…so I’m not about to ask him not to.  I am his & I trust him to not say it around someone who’d be less than thrilled to hear it, & to keep saying it all he wants in front of those who aren’t so closed minded & when it’s just the 2 of us.  Nothing could be better or make me more ready than being his wanton.


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