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Week’s assignment…my song

I actually got this assignment last week, but since I came up with another blog on my own, My Master said I could wait & do this 1 this week.  And now…I think I’m ready to do it.  After talking with quite a few of my friends, I have found what…right now…feel like songs that fit…both how I feel i present myself to others & they see me, & how I truly feel.  Some of the suggestions from various friends of mine, including my best friend, were “Here’s Never Growing Up” by Avril Lavigne, “Freak like Me” by Halestorm, & “S&M” by Rihanna.  And while I do like all 3 of those songs, none of them quite fit me right now.

Instead…I have found 2 songs that do.  First is “Hate It When You See me Cry” by Halestorm.  It’s a very good description of how I present myself to the world.  I hate showing any sign of weakness, especially emotional weakness, so I absolutely hate it when I do end up breaking down on someone…showing that I’m vulnerable which is something I’ll avoid at all costs for the most part.  There are a few special people who get to see that side but…they’re few & far between.  When someone has that kind of power over me…where I can let go & cry on them if I need it or a cuddle from them can make all the bad go away…that’s the scariest place I can ever imagine being.

The second song is “Break In” by Halestorm.   There’s so much in there that is exactly how I feel…I have been swept away & overwhelmed & all I can do right now is hold on as best I can & hope for the best for once in my life.  I can try to have faith for once that things will work out good…since that song *sighs* it says it all.



One thought on “Week’s assignment…my song

  1. I can totally identify with this post. I am a big baby. You cry and I’m going to cry with you….But a break down over something I am hurting over or struggling with…. to show that vulnerable side. HARD. I rarely let that show.
    But to acknowledge is a step in the right direction Gwennie. I hope your Master is your safe place.

    PS- I do really dig S&M though 🙂


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