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What I want…

Decided, with the help of my Master, that 1 of this week’s posts was going to be about what I want from other people.  And he just told me to put around a dozen so…let’s see how close I can get to that number. *chuckles*  Tho they’re not going to be in any particular order.

First thing I want from people…I want some damned common courtesy.  Treat people like you want to be treated.  Hold the door open for someone instead of letting it slam in their face.  Grab that box on the top shelf they’re trying to get & don’t shove them out of the way to get it yourself.  If they’re a nickel or dime short at the register don’t bitch about how long it’s taking, give them 1 so they don’t have to put anything back.  In SecondLife…that means move your damned ass off the landing point if you’re in a public place so people don’t end up stacked up on top of each other.

Number 2…let’s see…what should be number 2.  I want people on videogames & chat rooms & such to remember that not everyone behind the computer is a heartless feck & some of us are real people who actually have a heart & feelings.  Just because you’re an avatar or character in a game doesn’t give you the right to be a big old bag of dicks…to quote 1 of my favorite characters on 1 of my favorite shows.  I want those idiots to just once…be nice to someone just because it’s the decent thing to do.

Number 3.  To not be judged on looks alone.  I’m a big girl…& while I’ve learned to live with being stared at everywhere I go, it doesn’t make it a bit less irritating.  Doesn’t hurt my feelings any longer cause I know the people who do that aren’t smart enough for me to want to have anything to do with them anyway, but it doesn’t make it 1 bit less annoying.  Put yourself in the other person’s place & see how much you’d like to be told to save the whales or whispered about.  It’s rude & I’m worth more & it’s a pity you’re too stupid & shallow to see it.  So next time you see someone who’s not model perfect, be a man or a lady & don’t freaking stare like some low IQ moron.  You can’t ever know how they ended up that way so don’t judge them on it.

Number 4.  Not have people be so worried about age & aging.  Getting older is natural.  Embrace the change.  You’re not the same person you were at 16 or 18 or 21 or 30 or 40…so why expect to look the same?  I love my grey hair…makes me look awesome.  My wrinkles keep me from looking like a little kid…true my hair is thinner but you know what…I can live with that.  Just change hairstyles & be happy with it.  Love your looks no matter what age you are.

Now onto number 5.  Have confidence & faith in yourself.  Without those, you can’t treat yourself right…let alone anyone else.

Number 6. I want to feel valued & like an important part of someone’s life.  Not cared about, but important.  Like without me in their life there’d be something missing…same as I feel about them.  That i make their life more interesting, fuller, more complete just by being in it.

Number 7.  To have people who aren’t afraid or are too wrapped up in their own lives to tell you how they feel about you & don’t want to lose you.  I would give almost anything just to have some people tell me that they want me right where I am…& yet they almost never do.  If they do, it’s so few & far between times that it’s almost worst…like they’re throwing out a bone…just enough so that I won’t find someone else who isn’t afraid to tell me…& do it often.

Number 8.  To have someone care about me & never be afraid to tell it or show it.  For them to tell me they care about me…how they feel…when they think of me at odd times during the day send me a text or IM or email just to let me know that I crossed their mind.  To know you’re cared about & be told often…there’s no greater gift someone can give you.  The seemingly little things…are usually the things that can make or break a relationship so never forget them.

Number 9 is next.  To have someone put me if not before everyone else, at least in the top 5 or top 10…behind their family…that I could live with.  I don’t want to be the one & only person in their heart…just 1 of the most important ones that they aren’t related to.

Number 10.  I want someone who is willing to guide me…control me enough so that I know they value me & care enough about me to be willing to help me be my very best.  And since I know it’s time consuming & difficult to be that for someone else, I will make sure that they never doubt how appreciative I am of their efforts & their help.  Because yes…I am a handful & I can be a bit demanding & needy especially when it comes to tasks & assignments…but to have someone who not only cares enough to give me enough to keep me in that right headspace, but is appreciative of the results…that’s someone I will make sure they know I don’t ever want to have them not in my life.

And that is all I can do for you folks.  I hope that gives a good insight into my head & what I do & don’t want & maybe even expect from people I know & that are in my life & if it helps just 1 person in their life…even if not with me…then with someone they do care about & don’t want to lose…friendship or otherwise.


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