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My next assignment

Today my assignment is to list the top 10 things I like sexually so…*laughs* there’s no time to start like  the present.  Tho I’m writing them in no particular order just how they pop into my head.

10. having someone run their nails along my skin

9. having my neck nuzzled or bitten or even breathed on

8. naughty things being said in my ear especially on voice or real life

7. having my hair yanked or pulled or played with in pretty much any way

6. anything to do with my breasts

5. a little bit of rough can go a long way

4. the feeling when he’s above me & I put my hands against his chest

3. being taken from behind on my hands & kneels especially if I have my face buried in the pillow or mattress

2. having my lip lightly bitten or sucked on

1. my legs wrapped around their legs in missionary position & my arms hooked up from under theirs to grab onto their shoulders from the back

May not be exactly what was in mind when I started it but…those are the things that almost every single time instantly turn me on or push me over the edge.  So they worked for my list. *smiles*


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