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Next Assignment

I have an assignment to do, & I’m going to do it the best I can.  *laughs* It’s just…I’m not really sure just what to say here.  I’m supposed to list 9 things that I enjoy doing in a submissive manner but instead, I think I’ll have better luck listing 9 things I do that make me feel submissive.

Kneeling – When I kneel for My Master is definitely a time when I feel submissive.  There’s just something about kneeling directly in front of him that makes me feel completely his.

Being naked or topless – There is something about exposing myself that makes me feel that way as well.  Knowing that someone can take advantage of me at any time…you can’t help but to feel owned.

being bound – having no power to move or having my movements restricted always makes me feel submissive & not in control

writing my journal/here on this blog – keeping record of what I do day to do, & exposing some of my innermost thoughts & feelings makes me feel submissive as well

taking pictures – doing my tasks…any & all of them for the day…makes me feel that way because I know that completing them pleases him so I’m serving my purpose

Hearing his voice – since i rarely get to, the few occasions I get to make me instantly melt & completely his…giving myself as completely as I can

My collar – everytime I see it I remember than I am owned & that I submitted to him freely & happily & nothing makes me feel more submissive than that

the phrase My Master – just saying it reminds me that I’m his wanton little kitteh

And last but not least the mmmmm after I’ve done well – nothing makes me feel more like I’ve done my job & served him well as that does.

There’s my list for what it’s worth. *chuckles* Thanks everyone for following me & enjoy yourself till next time!


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