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My idea of heaven on earth right now

Why is it that the 1 thing I want & feel like I need right now more than anything…I can’t get.  I need love.  Not the kind you can get from your family or your friends or your pets or even your kids…but from someone who cares for you because you’re you…not because you’re family or their owner or there’s years of history between the 2 of you.  What I need right now…is to feel like someone cares enough about me to put me first…or at least right at the top 3 of the list…to want to be with me as much as I want to be with them & not even in a clingy way because I don’t mean every second of every day…but just a few precious minutes…just the 2 of you alone together even if it’s just snuggled up together with no 1 else around.  And that is something you can’t get from anywhere else except someone you care a lot about.

I need that strength that comes from knowing someone is there for you & honestly cares & worries about what happens to you.  And not as a friend…as more.  I adore my friends…don’t get me wrong…but this time…it’s more than even they can handle.  I even like cuddles & all, but what I’m needing is something that much more.  I need to feel like I’m treasured & valued. Caring & love can be so closely interwoven that you can’t always tell the difference between 1 or the other.  And that…whichever it is…is what I need to feel most of all.  Now more than I’ve needed anything in a long time.  If I could just have that, I’d be able to make thru everything I’m having to deal with with very few issues whatsoever.  To feel like someone is truly devoted to me…values me being in his life…treasures every moment as much as I do…that…would be heaven to me.



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