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What I think about forced rp in SL

Ok…this is my first assignment topic so lets see how this goes.  I’ll admit, when I started back on SL back in early November of last year, for the first couple of months I spent alot of time frequenting a few forced sex areas/rlv dungons, tho I did make sure to have my rlv set to ask me before someone could grab me.  For me, at that point, it was an easy way to doing some emoting…practice my rping & such.  But then I got kind of bored with it because most of the people I ran into in the sims I went to, they just weren’t that good & came up with the same stories over & over if they even bothered with a story.  Plus at the time I was in 2 relationships that were going very well so I didn’t need any extra attention…I had more than enough to divide my time between.

Lately tho, I’ve been playing around with the idea of forced rp again.  I even went so far as to buy a skirt that goes along with that, tho the only time I wore it not a single thing happened…too many victims & not enough trackers I’m figuring.  Plus, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly standing on street corners waiting to be kidnapped, either.  I’m not sure why I like the idea of it but I will admit…it’s 1 of the reasons why I’ve become more submissive.  I like not having to be the 1 to make the decisions, to let someone else control at least certain aspects of my life, to know that by letting them have more control, I’m pleasing both of us especially when I do it right.

I guess that feeling of being able to give up control is why I like the forced rp…because it’s in a short, controlled session, & then back to business as usual.  And I’ll admit…i can be sadistic so I like fighting back because even in forced rp I am not an innocent, whiny little victim.  So for me, I do it to escape from reality…to be able to try & be my own hero but also not have to pay afterwards once I do fail & the aggressor gets what he wants.  This is roleplaying after all…not real life.  The whole point is to be something you’re not…& the last thing I am is a victim of any sort.


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