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How my cookie seems to crumble

I’ve come to the decision that I must be a very special woman.  Because alot of the men I know…also must think that I’m a very special kind of woman.  Considering for the last few weeks, more for some than others, I feel like I’m being purposefully kept in the dark about alot of things.  And I don’t understand why. I have asked & tried & made myself available & it doesn’t seem to matter.  If there are things they don’t want me to know, then they should just tell me…not ignore my questions or whatever it is & hope it just gets forgotten or goes away.  Because it’s not going to…I just don’t work that way.

I feel like I should give everything I can to any serious relationship I’m in & all I ask is the same consideration.  If someone expects me to care about them, trust them, be there for them…they need to do the same & make sure I know it.  I don’t let any opportunity go by where I don’t reassure the people in my life I care about that I do care & how lucky I am to have them in my life.  And I know it’s asking alot of some people but it’d be nice to have them make me feel that they felt the same way about me in theirs.  How can I be all that they want or need me to be when they’re not giving me what I need in return?  To be the woman I know I am & can be I need support & trust & faith & caring.  And if that’s asking too much then I guess someone’s going to have to figure out something else to do aren’t we?


3 thoughts on “How my cookie seems to crumble

  1. I completely agree in regards to just telling you if there are things you shouldn’t be asking about. It’s much better to just be blunt than string someone along and make them question. You are also deserving of exactly what you put into a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with needing that, and it shouldn’t be something you have to hope or even ask for. You’ve got a lot of heart to give and I admire your courage for sharing.


  2. You know if they would have at least given some milk those cookies wouldn’t have crumbled so easily…guys…listen up sometimes will ya? That’s all we ask.


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