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Something having nothing to do with submission here

This is just going to be because I need to get this off my chest.  Has nothing to do with my submission but something else very near & dear to my heart so feel free not to read it if you don’t want to.

Over the last few days, my son & I have both been on WoW alot.  And I have come to a conclusion…especially after going thru a battleground this morning & watching him go thru a dungeon with a friend of mine not long after.  People are effing stupid.  Completely, totally, amazingly, blindingly stupid.  It scares me just how many people are in fact.  I know this is a common bitch when it comes to MMORPGs & especially WoW but doesn’t make it any less annoying to me.  People just flat-out piss me the f*ck off sometimes.

Some jackass today told us to get some gear & learn how to do a battleground before we qued for 1…it was an entry-level battleground so where the hell else can you learn to do 1 without starting at the starting level?  I mean bloody f*cking hell what kind of bleeding eejit tells you that kind of stuff?  Learn to do something without actually doing it?  Now that’s the words of a true genius.  I’m in awe at his staggering intellect I tell you.  For people like that we need a new gesture/emote whichever you want to call it.  We need a super rude gesture…where you either give the f*cker the finger or else have 1 where you can slap that mother f*cker right upside their stupid assed heads & really let them know how you feel about them.

Then the idiots in dungeons…*shakes head*.  If you actually try to do the quests in most dungeons…those same quests that everyone says you need to do to get gear remember…you get yelled at for being too slow or just flat-out left behind because you’re not zipping along behind the insane tank who pulls every f*cking thing in the world & wipes the whole group.  Or your tank is great but your healer is new or just flat-out sucks…which new is 1 thing & I’m not about to bitch about that considering I’ve been there…but just flat-out not doing your job & letting everyone die while you giggle is something else entirely.  Even worse are the idiots who think it’s funny to pull everything & then acts like it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs.

Then there’s the ones…in battlegrounds or dungeons or even just questing…where someone makes an honest mistake…usually because you’ve gotten left behind again…& gets reamed for not only making the mistake but admitting to it.  So they either tell you that you’re stupid or can’t play or just flat-out kick you instead of someone bothering to tell you how to help or fix it, or avoid doing it again in the future.  Of course that opens a whole new can of worms because some people are so damned good they don’t need any f*cking help & are perfect so they curse & call you names for bothering to help them…just because you’re pointing out to someone that they’re less than the perfect paragon they like to think that they are.  Making you feel either stupid for trying to help or like a bleeding fool for thinking their might be decent players still out there.

All this means that the few people who do try to be decent…by my own admission may not be the best player but does at least try & learn & get better…we’re ignored or yelled at or called names & not only are afraid to ask for help but are too scared of someone else’s reaction to offer anyone else any help.  It’s bullshit & it just needs to stop already.  No 1 is perfect & it’s crap to expect everyone in the world to be that way.  Just because you don’t actually kill someone in these games doesn’t mean there’s not a real person who can get hurt behind the keyboard.  So Restor…this rant is for you & your shining example of good sportsmanship in WoW this morning.  Thank you for making my relaxing time ever so much more enjoyable with your winning personality & your amazing ability to teach & encourage your fellow game players…I hope you help many more people just like you did me today.


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