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I just realized something about my dominant side

Was sitting here talking to Arial when I realized something.  I had been reading blogs, thinking about what kind of submissive I was & how it happened when I suddenly had a streak of stubborn I guess you could call it.  She’s having issues & I finally told her that she needed to eat or I was gonna nag nag nag until she did it or hung up on me & that’s when it hit me.  I am dominant…still very much so…it’s just my dominant side has always come out more as caring or mothering than typical Mistress type domination.  Yes…I can be a hard ass when needed but only when I care about the person in question & want them to do something for their own good.  And then…yes…I can be 1 hell of a stubborn bitch if I don’t get my way.  So I may not be dominant in the traditional manner but the more open I get to my submissiveness…the more I realize my dominant side is coming thru in other situations.

Which brings me to why I think when I choose to be submissive to someone…I do it so completely.  I was raised to make everyone happy…that’s just the way I was brought up & have never totally lost it.  And since for me…being submissive to someone is making sure I please them…which pleases me in the process…it works out perfectly.  I want him to be happy, to please him, to make him proud of me.  I think that is the biggest thing for me.  I want My Master to be proud of me.  I guess having suffered so much disappointment in my life…knowing that someone is proud of something I’ve done…of some task I’ve completed…of what & who I am…it seems selfish but at the same time it’s what drives my need to submit.  I want to submit to him because I know that’s what he wants from me…& what he wants is what I want.  He has given me the power to accept myself more than anyone else ever has & for that I can never repay him.  All I can do is do my best to fulfill his desires & to make him proud to own me.



One thought on “I just realized something about my dominant side

  1. Very few people i life are truly all sub or all Dom. Most of us fall somewhere in the grey middle ground. I have been both. Never truly a sub unitl now. When i met my Master i wanted nothing else but to submit to him. But there is still a very dominate side to me. I control my work and my life, well most of it. And now i am in the gym at least 5 days a week because i need to control my body. I am curvy and i like it but i want to be in better physical shape. And yes i do still have moments where i would love to have a sub to control. But for me it would be a game. My heart is truly elsewhere. and i am not up for games anymore.
    Just embrace all of your sides and have fun.


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