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An interesting idea

I got this in my email the other day & thought it was an interesting idea.  Tho I am going to use SL names for the ones that count…even down to my alt because anyone how matters knows who it is right now & even if he won’t be reading this he deserves some credit.  I subscribe to a page called Submissive Journal Prompts, & this was 1 of them a couple of weeks ago.  And for some reason…right now seems like a good time to do it since at the point in time when I originally got it I was still in the process of figuring out wtf was going on & if I was half crazy or not.  So here goes nothing *laughs*.

List 5 people you know — In 100 words or less tell them how thankful you are to them for something.  The only 1 who is in a special order is the last & that’s because he’s the most important always.

Arial – because you are there no matter what even when we both think the other is stupid…even tho long minutes just breathing to each other are more than most people ever have so thank you for all of it…for you being you & for letting me be me.

Fox – Because even if I let him break my heart…I wouldn’t be where I am now without him so for that alone he deserves 1 hell of a batch of thanks even if he’ll never know what he did for me by proving what a lousy friend he really was.

Storm – you have helped me be something I never thought I could be…calm, at peace with myself, able to fully give myself to someone else with no second thoughts or reservations, actually working on accepting my feminine side…you have given me something no 1 else ever has & that’s the ability to accept myself the way that I am & not regret for a single second who I am.

Webnix – you accept me for me & love me just the way I am…were the brave 1 to say it first & help me realize I felt the same way…& had the patience to wait for me to fight my fears to be able to say I love you back to you & know I really mean it. All you want from me is for me to be happy & by feeling that way, you help make me just that.

And lastly “Alexis” – You’ll never read this but I want to thank you for being the miracle to come into my life & change it in ways I never could’ve imagined.  You have helped me in ways you’ll never know or understand & can’t even begin to imagine, & I can’t imagine my life without you in it.  And I can just hope you’re as glad to have me in yours as I am to have you in mine.  You are my miracle & never forget it.

And that’s my thank you list…I know I left alot of people out but at this very moment these are the 5 top in my head so please don’t be upset if you’re not on here because believe me…just because i didn’t put you in this list doesn’t mean you’re not important…just means that I only had so much space & the first 5 that popped in my head got their chance lol.


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