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Happy New Year!!

And even better…for once I can actually say it & mean it.  I have been so blessed this year I can’t even begin to thank everyone for it.  I have a good job, great people that I work with, my son has been diagnosed with ADHD but since we finally have a name to all the issues he’s had in school…it was his first report card in almost 3 years with not only not a single F on it but an A & 4 B’s.  He’s getting along better with people, having less issues with his teachers…I’m just thrilled that he finally doesn’t hate having to go to school every morning.  I also survived a serious health scare & think I am finally past it…as long as I’m careful & don’t make the same stupid mistakes again. It’s been good money-wise & friends-wise & I couldn’t possibly ask for more…but yet that’s exactly what I got.  Because I have had the amazing good luck to met 2 men who…i can’t imagine my life without right now.

Both of them own me…but in different ways.  The first…with him…i am as i was meant to be.  There’s been a connection there almost since the first moment we talked.  When i’m with him…there’s no worries, no fears, no stress, no masks, no walls, no holding back on anything.  i am free to be the woman i didn’t even know that i could be until i met him.  When i’m with him i have strength, peace, patience, grace…everything i never imagined i have inside me…i have all of that when i’m with him.  And being able to be completely open…not withholding anything…is why I can have all those things…& is why i can give him all the passion & desire & need & want & submission that he wants from me.  i am eternally grateful for him being in my life…accepting me like no other man has ever accepted me before him & i can never repay him enough for all that he’s given me…i can just hope that i’m pleasing enough to make up for it. i am his…his slave…his pet…his wanton kitteh…for just as long as he’ll have me.

The other man…he owns me as well.  We’re like a puzzle that fits together…with him as the mind & me as the heart & so much else between so alike it’s almost scary.  I’d be lost if I lost him…a piece gone that I would never get back.  It’s something deep & strong & so solid…it’s like it’s always been there & within minutes of meeting him I wanted to be his.  I thought at first it was my submissive side responding to his dominant side but after doing alot of thinking & talking since then…I think  it was just him I was responding to.  I haven’t known him long enough for it to be what I consider the big forever kind of love but whatever type of love it is…I don’t want to be without it & I don’t want to be without him.  We trust each other, can be completely honest without ever feeling like we’re going to be judged, we understand each other, we both have our dominant & submissive sides that seem to compliment each other…I could go on & on but it boils down to the fact that I feel better for having him in my life & with me.  And I can just hope that it gets better over time as we continue to get to know each other even better.  Because he is mine & I am his & neither of us can imagine being anything else.

Plus may I also add that I do have the best friends I could ever ask for.  Thank you…all of you…for everything.  I hope everyone out there who reads this has as good of a new year as my last has ended up being & is as blessed as I am to have all that I have in my life.


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