3 Things Thursday

I know I know I’ve been sporadic but…just a few more weeks till school’s out & maybe then I can do better since right now it’s just wearing me out.  But here goes.

My friends…because they’re awesome

The people I work with…most of them are pretty cool & make the day go by much faster which it definitely needs to do this close to the end of the year.

My best buddy at work….because she is amazing no matter what’s going on & she deserves some recognition!

Have a good rest of the week & talk to you soon…promise!

And here’s this week’s update

Gained a bit of weight but I know why so no worries.  Other than that, been just another week.  Gave myself a slight makeover on SecondLife but haven’t done much else on there.  And just waiting for school to be out in real life.  Tired alot of the time so just been coasting along, watching movies & reading the last few weeks actually.  Hope things are doing good for everyone & promise to write more once *laughs* there’s more to write about!  Have a great weekend & upcoming week!

Random topic for this week

What does love sound like?

Noodles boiling
raspberries being blown
a sigh
a whisper
a giggle
a scream of “I owned you” followed by much hooting & hollering & laughing
footsteps coming towards the bedroom
the ding of my phone saying I have a text message or email
kitty yodeling
bad puns

Thank you everyone & hope you’re having a good week!  *laughs* sorry if it’s short but I had to pick my own random number so I used what I got. *grins*

Weekly update

Gained another 0.4 lbs which honestly was awesome given everything this week.  Haven’t really done much this week on SL or WoW just mainly been either reading, watching TV or movies, watching wayyyyy too much YouTube lol, or been in my own head making sure I keep my head where it should be to keep losing weight.

Had a good Easter dinner…had to make my own brown sugar glaze for the first time & was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.  Also did some colored deviled eggs which was pretty cool & turned out alot better than I expected it to.  Hope that everyone else is enjoying their weekend & their holiday if it is 1 for them today & thank you as always for being here!  Am hoping this week will be a little bit better so hugs to you all!

Oh & don’t forget…my random number for Wednesday’s post…1-121 I think it was.

Picture of the week

Since nothing has really happened in SL, WoW or real life for me this week I’m just gonna share a few pictures I saw while surfing this week & really liked.  I don’t know where I got them from so can’t credit them but wanted to share them all the same.


This 1 is just too funny

inspirational poster for losing weight

And this 1 here is my current background on my desktop


Hope everyone is having a good week & happy holidays to everyone who celebrates this weekend!

TMI Tuesday

Hi peeps! It’s been a long day, I’m exhausted. No energy to be creative for TMI Tuesdayso I ripped these questions (and modified) from a dating website.

Yes, I’m listening…

garfields listening_tmi
1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?   I’d have to say my son because I’ve had to do & learn so many things & face parts of myself I didn’t want to ever find let alone admit to or face & I wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if it wasn’t for him & knowing he needed me to do it whether he ever knew it or not.

2. What kinds of things really make you laugh?    All sorts of things…usually juvenile humor, sarcasm, or cats lol they’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of me.

3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world?    I guess my house since I don’t really have any other place.  Used to be my grandma’s in her kitchen/dining room with her but now…I guess it’s my bed on a stormy night laughing at the cats & my kid all joining me.

4. Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?    Arial & *laughs* I’ve covered that a few times – Here as well as in various other places.

5. What’s your biggest goal in life right now?    Lose this weight & become the person I know I can be

6. What was your family like growing up?    It was always interesting & we adopted all the strays…both pets *laughs* & kids it seemed like.

Bonus: What is one thing about you that would surprise us?    That I’m scared of my own shadow even now & so much a frightened little girl who sometimes feels so alone in the world

Update for the week

This’ll be short since real life has me good the last few days.  I gained 0.2 lbs, but that’s all so go me.  And nothing super interesting happened in SL or WoW I’ve just been concentrating on trying to make things work with my lifestyle changes so might be quiet for a week or 2 but will be back better than ever I promise!

Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend & hugs to all of you!

Random post for this week

What is the main thing that builds & boosts your self-confidence?  Why?

I’ve though hard about this overnight & I can’t think of any specific thing that does either of those.  For me, just knowing how far I’ve come & letting myself feel what I feel now is more than enough to keep my self confidence up.  I remember what I was like before & how I feel now…there’s no comparing it.  So if anything, just taking a few seconds to remember how bad I had gotten helps me remember how far I’ve come & that’s about as close as I can think of for an answer to this. *smiles*

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

Weekly update time

I gained 0.2 lbs this week but am good with that considering I earned it. *laughs* Tho found out when I went to the doctor this week that not only have I lost 5 lbs since last time but my labs have been good for long enough so I don’t have to get my blood drawn every 3 months while he looks for diseases that aren’t there.  Also went to the grocery store with a friend for the first time in months.  It was only to get some cantaloupe, strawberries, carrots & a premade salad but that was a big deal on my part even if it only lasted 10 minutes. *chuckles*

In SL…right now things are in flux.  In it & in real life I’m reevaluating my choices & goals & the people in my life so we’ll see how things go once I’m done with that.  It’s a good thing tho…am happy about it in both worlds as it’s been a long time coming.

Hope that you all have a good weekend & a good upcoming week as well!